Taste of Authentic Nepali Momo

Momo with spices dipping sauce. Yummy!


Once I arrived to Nepal, the smell of Momo & Masala Tea is waving to me. I just can’t wait to have many Momo here.

What is Momo?

It is stuffed dumplings, ingredients like meat, vegetables or cheese fillings.

This little dumpling called “Momo” is very popular in India and Nepal. You can easily find any restaurants or café served Momo in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Originated from Tibet and its neighborhood China, it also looks like Chinese dumplings (“Jiao Zi”). When Tibetan travels across Himalayan for trading and political escapes, they brings along the traditional recipe of dumplings making. Delicious Momo hence transferred from Tibet to Nepal, India, Bhutan, Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Choice of Momo

The most common types of Momo are steamed, but you can also order deep-fried Momo (“Kothey Momo”). When you order, you can consider meat or vegetable flavors. I am a vegetarian, so I choose usually Vegetable Momo or Vegetable Cheese Momo. Vegetables Momo is fillings with cabbage, carrots, onions, ginger, garlic and spices. Meat options could be served with meat – buffalo, chicken, pork or lamb. Some restaurants also make the dough into green. Mixing with vegetable spinach as Spinach Momo. I tried once, it tastes super healthy!

Dipping Sauce is the KEY

When waiter put the dish on the table, it usually comes with a little dipping sauce on side. Usually, it is in yellow brown or red colour. Either, it is onions with red chillies or spiced tomato dipping sauce. The dipping sauce could be very spicy, remember to ask waiter how spicy it is before you put into mouth.


Steamed Momo
Fry Momo (“Kohey Momo”)

How to make Momo

If you are interested to make your own Momo and cook Nepali food, you can attend cooking class in Pokhara or cooking class in Kathmandu easily. Spend an afternoon in cooking class is the best way to experience the local taste. Local Nepali will guide you how to prepare homemade Momo, from wrapping, fillings to typical saucing. Another easier way is to buy a cookbook or look for online momo recipe.
The Nepal Cookbook
Taste of Nepal








A little one information behind the post :

Price for Momo ranged 200 Rupees ~ 300 Rupees in Pokhara and Kathmandu.
Usually served 10-12 pieces per portion

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