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¡Hola! Madrid 

I planned to stay in Madrid for 3 days, before flying back to Hong Kong. The hostel I booked was in central area, so I can go any places easily by walking. I spoke to the host with my kindergarten level Spanish. He was so patient to tell me things to do in Madrid, like Parque del Buen Retiro, Museco Centro de Arte Reina SofíaMercado de San MiguelMuseo del Prado. (don’t forget to check a free entrance in Museo del Prado after 6pm!). Of course Plaza Mayor, the most iconic picture you could see from every postcard.

Smiley queue at Plaza Mayor

On the second day, When I was walking to Plaza Mayor, I was curious a long queue outside a bar.  Everyone came out with a little bag, looked happily. So I followed the queue and went in to have a look. The tiny tapas bar was already packed with locals and tourists. Interestingly, they ordered the same dish and drink. The staff was busy to run around but still smiley to take my order. I spoke with my kindergarten level Spanish again.

“quiero uno bocadillo y una cerveza, por favor”  (I want one sandwich and one beer please)
“Bocadillo de Calamares?”  (Squid Sandwich?)
“si, garcias.”  (yes, thank you)

Bocadillo de Calamares


The best way to taste Bocadillo de Calamares

Bocadillo de Calamares, simply it is deep-fried squid rings sandwich. First of all, Cut fresh squids into small squid rings. Put into flour mixture and fry in olive oil. Sparkling with salt and lemon zest. Cut the bread loaf into half, place fried squid rings in the middle. Perfectly fried in crispy, golden & tender squids with a crunchy bread. Ready to serve!

Squid Sandwich probably is the most popular street food in Madrid. Many tapas bar and restaurants served “Bocadillo” (sandwich) in the city. If you see a bar that have “calamares” or an artisan painting of squids, you are probably hit a right place. Have a walk to Plaza Mayor in morning or lunch. If you can find a long queue outside the bar, you should go in, order one and feed your tummy. You won’t get disappointed. The tradition way is to eat and stand in the bar. I ordered my Bocadillo de Calamares in La Real, one of the famous tapas bar near Plaza Mayor. Watching people go in and get out of the shop, I enjoyed very much “un Bocadillo de Calamares” at a corner of Madrid.

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