Forest in Saxon Switzerland, Germany

Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland National Park

Bastei, most famous as its distinctive rock formation, surrounding with table mountains, deeply carved valleys, gorges and sandstone cliffs in the Central of Europe.

This is Saxon Switzerland and Bohemian Switzerland.

The beauty of Nature

The pantone of forest is, except green and only green, seems like endless sea of green. We walked through verdant places. Fascinated to see the beauty of nature. The leafy paradise is stillness beautiful and appealing, either constant forest trees, river and waterfall, or vivid wild mushroom, butterfly fly and birds sing. In the forest, you can hear quiet, feel peaceful, you can connect natural energy.

endless sea of green
panorama view of Lilienstein & River Elbe
works of nature exist like an arts


Hiking in the trip

Hiking trip is interesting. Every step, it takes you to see the nature in different angles. It leads you to discover a route to the destination. It exhausts your energy and sweating, but it is all worth because you will get there finally. Same as a life journey.

How to go Saxon Switzerland National Park

The Deutsche Bahn (DB) train brought us from Prague (Prague hl.n. station) to Bad Schandau. It’s a little town in the east of Germany. Bad Schandau is a lovely town, where has many comfortable B&B and Hotel accommodations especially for travelers to stay and rest after hiking.

Wanderlust in Saxon

We stayed in a lovely studio flat for a week in Bad Schandau. Transportation is almost easy accessible from here to reach National Park area. A simple itinerary in Saxon suggests, 2 days hiking in The Saxon Switzerland National Park (German broader) & 2 days hiking in Bohemian Switzerland National Park (Czech broader).

a little tram ride from Bad Schandau to Lichtenhainer Wasserfall


How do we wanderlust in Saxon : First, take a little Kirnitzsch tram (timetable) to valley in the morning. Walk in the forest along hiking trail. End a wonderful day and see the sunset, return by a boat at River Elbe. Another day, we picnic on the top of mountain. Drink a cup of coffee next to the waterfall. Walk a little bit higher to the mountain top, finally enjoy a panorama view of Bastei and Lilienstein.


wild mushroom everywhere
mushrooms grew under the shady roof of the forest


A little one information behind the post :

More National Park Saxon Switzerland Experiences

Besides Bad Schandau, stay nearby small towns, such as Rathen or Hřensko

Prague, Dresden or Leipzig are connected ICE (InteCcity-Express) Rail Network are easily accessible to Saxon National Park


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